Tuesday, January 8, 2013

 I am wondering if any of you out there understand this "new math", because i think I am living it. 
 You know that part of the daily routine on an alpaca farm is to scoop the poop in the barn.  In the winter this is a much bigger task because I also have straw down as bedding to keep the alpacas warm.   The addition of the straw with the poop fills my john deer gator to capacity every day in winter.  My gator is my best friend,  she is 15 years old,  and perhaps gators are like dogs in that one year is like 7,  but what ever the equation,  she is definitely on her last leg,  I do hope to nurse her at least thru the winter.  The wheel barrow is NOT my best friend, especially in winter. he is lazy and makes me do most the work.
  The week before Christmas the Gator needed a rest.  Her strut had broken and her wheel was falling off, also her frame is rusted and bending in the middle.  (osteo issues I think, frame thinning disease due to age)  My very kind neighbor agreed to take her home and nurse her back to health, two new shocks, and little welding of the frame, a few pins here and there, good as it gets.  I feel her pain.

Now she was gone for 7 days so me and the wheel barrow (still not my friend but helpful) cleaned the barn and dumped the daily load right behind the barn.  When my gator returned the weather took a dip and that pile behind the barn was frozen solid.  No matter, with the gator back in service, I am back to hauling it to the back of the property.  Today it is warm (above freezing) with threats for a very warm week to come (read mud bath here) so I decide its time to take that seven days worth of poo down to the big compost pile.  Now mind you this pile is only the stuff from the main barn, I made a separate pile with the poo from the boy’s area, because opening the gate and getting the wheel barrow thru without letting boys thru was just to challenging.   This is where the new math come in,  I backed up to the pile I filed the gator to capacity,  I drove it to the big pile, I dumped,  and repeated 7 times.....   I only got HALF the pile taken care of??   The question is, how does one load per day for seven days, minus the poo from the boy’s area, become 14 loads when you try to move it?  No wonder I can't help the kids with math any more.  Why doesn’t this math work in other areas of my life?  If I eat 14 brownies, it should only count as 7 brownies when it comes to weight gain right?  or is that back wards, maybe this math does work, 7 brownies are like 7 when you 10 years old, but after age 50 it’s like 14 brownies.
 One thing is for sure, I need some Motrin.