Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I set up this blog and planed to post once a week and almost a month has flown by!  Perhaps when things settle down for that long winters rest I will be better at it huh,  Wait,  has anyone actually ever had a long winters rest ,  unless of course your a bear?
    Late fall is generally uneventful on the farm.  Thanksgiving day 13 wild turkeys walked through the pasture,  pretty birds believe it or not,  but alpacas are scared of them. hahaha!  I caught a glimpse of our bald eagle,  about the same time he spotted our 2 pound foster puppy's,  so no time for bird watching,  puppy's are looking like lunch unless I get them inside quick.   Speaking of fosters,  congratulation's to Thor, who spent over a month with us and found his forever home last weekend.  Don't you love happy endings?
   On a wetter note, Pastures are flooded,  being located on the river is so beautiful,  but water rushing through the pasture bringing me enormous logs, and who knows what else in its wake makes things a bit more challenging than a typical farm. last spring we got a "no wake" sign,  I thought it looked nice propped up in the pasture with cria running by,  right now,  it could mean boats!
   I have 150 green panels, 10ft long each, they lock together and make wonderful fencing and then come apart and get stored on high ground when ever floods are predicted. Sounds so efficient,  but when the water is steadily rising and your trying to carry them up the slippery muddy hill,  well.  thoughts of a nice flat, farm on high ground creep into my mind.  Not to mention how cold that water is in November. I know,  stop wining right!  Poor pacas, no pasture for awhile.
   Until next time....

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