Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Services

Welcome to my blog!  I raise Suri Alpacas whose luxury fiber is softer than cashmere. I have many other animals as well, and I hope to tell you about my life with them, and how wonderful they all are. Caring for a herd of Alpacas is a wonderful, calming life, but is not without hard work. There is always a story to tell..I think you will love and be entertained by my animal stories. This blog is for all the animal lovers and for those who live far away and have never seen an alpaca.

The Christmas Pageant

It’s almost Christmas so I expect to be hearing from FatherMurdock, at our Catholic Church.  He puts on the most popular children’s Christmas Eve service.  The first year this took place in the church. The show went well until Mary came down the aisle on the back of my neighbor’s pony and left some “apples” along the aisle. People took offense, so the service was moved to our l950’s movie theater.  It still has only one screen, a big marquee out front, and large cushy seats,  balcony, and a very large stage. It turned out to be the very best place for a Christmas pageant.
      Father always invites every animal owner to participate and, children to round it out.  He then tells the Christmas story using each animal’s real name, as they walk down the aisle. Mary enters on horseback, comes down the aisle and lays the baby in the manger. Then the Priest says, “Escada, the alpaca, offered her fiber to keep the baby warm.”  Each animal and child is then announced. There is Liam, the Shepherd boy, carrying Jack, a the baby sheep. Teddy, the dog, stands close by to protect the precious baby. Tiffany, my rooster, (he is a whole other blog) flew up to the rafters, hmm we guess, to catch a qlimpse of the new born king.( She is sensitive. We think he got stage fright, but we did get him down eventually). Then there was Candy, the Llama, curious to see the new born baby, but wanted to check out the stars first.  She was staring up at the balcony and would not walk down the aisle. We felt that Candy may have felt humbled to meet the Christ child…  anyway, she  got only half way down the isle and would not move.  The Priest kept improvising, but she was holding up the show. Finally two men had to put their shoulder into Candy’s rump and push to get her down the aisle.
      This service is truly a wonderful Christmas celebration. Our loved animals and children all become part of the Christmas story. But more than wonderful entertainment, our hearts are warmed and we all feel that we are having an authentic experience of Christmas (except for our cushy seats).
Merry Christmas everyone, and as you are sit in church on Christmas Eve just picture live animals walking down that aisle.

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