Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hi, welcome to my blog, I raise the world’s softest, renewable luxury fiber, and organic garden enhancer, on my alpaca farm with my four children.  Winter days start to feel a bit routine on an alpaca farm, no babies expected till spring, pastures covered in snow and, all the alpacas huddled in the barn.  Chores include scooping the beans,  when their not frozen to the ground, fill the water,  lug around some hay bales.  Get grain in the feed troughs with out getting spit at.   Blah blah blah, 
  so we look forward to spring!  I always know spring is hear when Tractor supply advertises chick days!  Yes my dear friends this is the answer to that age old question, which came first the chicken or the egg?  the chicken of course they come from tractor supply and then they lay the eggs.   Yeah chick days, those adorable little yellow fuzzy peeps (not the marshmallow ones).  We always pick up a dozen, wouldn’t be spring with out them.  We raise them in the basement under a heat lamp until they are big enough to move out side or they smell too bad to stay inside.   The kids name them and can some how tell the difference between what appears to me all exactly the same.   Quite a few years ago one of these adorable yellow peeps named Tiffany, grew up to be a very handsome rooster.  Tiffany has a bit of attitude
  One thing  to remember about Tiffany is his height, about 8” he knows who you are by your boots,  in spring and summer I have an orange and yellow and green paisley rain boot for chores,  and in winter, a boring brown extra warm boot.  Tiffany and I have a fairly stable relationship,  I say hello,  and he checks out the boots and leaves me alone.  However,  each season change when the boots change Tiffany is most confused he know my voice,  but those are not the boot that go with that voice that feeds me,  so… attack  or don’t attack.  I have to keep talking because I can see his confusion.  It’s a real good thing I don’t have close neighbors because they might think I was completely crazy in my barn caring on with a rooster,  so how was your day Tiffany,  warm enough last night?  Where are all the ladies? (Chickens)  Your looking especially handsome today.        Yep plum crazy down on the farm!
   Guess what I got for Christmas!  New boots!  I wonder if this is a conspiracy by my family?

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