Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy Busy, something always going on down on the farm, the house chickens, Hubert, Hobbles and the gang moved to the barn last week.  They were put in a dog crate for protection, while they got used to the barn environment, but they were so small they could just go out between the wires.  

My hope is that their little mustard seed size brains are working over time they will run in there when a raccoon,  fox, cat or whom ever comes along to eat them.   So far so good!  We still have all the house chicks dispite being rendered homeless by none other than their own mother.
  She has hatched a new batch of eggs and decided that cage was ideal for her new chicks so she chased out Hobble’s gang and moved her family in.  Seven more chicks, ok, now we have problems, we had about 5 free ranging chickens and rooster, and they keep the flies down, and eat “stuff” out of the poo piles keeping alpacas healthy.  However, they poop A LOT!   Now we have population explosion, 14 new chicks!  Time for some family planning (and white chicken chili). 
 And after this cluster f***  I am thinking the alpacas could listen in on this one too!  

 I am way behind on new cria announcements, Both Amie and Camille have had their cria, and Amie had a boy and Camille an absolutely beautiful, and very rare, silver grey little girl!   Now the big debate is what to name them,  Margaret who has been halter training these babies all summer has them all names,  There is Lil Dude, (Lil Luster’s black male cria) Beans, (Modella’s black female cria named after a neighbor because it was born on her bday),  Marvin, (Beyonce’s black male cria) Poison Ivy, Lulu, Timmy (Amie’s new cria) and Paige, Camille’s female, (named because she was born on Paige’s birthday). 

Zach also has them named:  Barack Obama, (aka Lil Dude) George w. Bush (aka Timmy) Jimmy Carter (aka Marvin)  Condoleezza Rice (aka Lulu) Sarah Palin (aka Paige).  He want's to go with the election year theme.  Must admit I like it, Last years cria are all rappers, and rock stars. 
 We shall see!

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