Thursday, September 27, 2012

This is why I ask my kids to put their dishes in the dish washer right when they are finished….   
  There has been a rooster in the barn with a piece of string wrapped around his leg for over a week, and I have not been able to catch him to take it off.  Today I caught the rooster.  First I tried to pull the string off, but it was really tight, I looked for something in the barn to cut it with but couldn’t find anything small enough so I had to bring him up to the house to cut it off.  First I tried some scissors but the string was so I tight I couldn’t get under it to cut it.  Finnaly I used a steak knife, I could get that little point under the string without cutting him, they have scaly legs you know so this is harder than you know, to cut it off.   Poor rooster has been shackled for over a week!  Freedom!
  I took the Rooster back to the barn and finished up my chores, the dog had a vet appointment, and I went to the grocery, usual day.  By the time I got home I was very hungry so I popped a potato in the micro wave while I put away the groceries.  Lucky for me there was a knife lying their on the counter so I pierced the potato and popped it in. perfect just finished the groceries, and lunch is ready.  Ahhhh.

Oh, crap, now I know why that knife was laying there,   I hope that counts as my bird flu shot because I am sure I am building some immunity now!

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