Monday, July 2, 2012

All most a week since operation chick rescue and I am happy to report both Hubert and Hobbles are doing well.  Hubert is slightly larger than Hobbles, and still picks on him, but Hobbles can now support his weight with his own two legs.  He still looks like an Olympic speed skater when he walks, and usually at least one of his legs is splayed straight out when he is at rest. (I’m sexy and I know it).  Why is it these little abnormalities or weaknesses make us so much more enduring?  

In other farm news, Namaste the cat has brought me two snakes and a mouse so far this week, Fat cat Scotty has only managed to score a large moth.  It’s hard to hunt when your belly drags the ground.  I have the cat food on top of the dryer for two reasons,  one, to keep the dog out of it,  two, because if Scotty is to fat to jump up on the dryer, this is a perfect diet plan.  But alas our house is full of enablers, my daughter got him a step stool and my husband lifts him up when ever he cries.  We love your big belly Scotty; I am just concerned you will not be able to out run the fox.

Down in the Barn I am still awaiting creation, alpaca babies are called cria, thus the birth is called “cria” tion.    Lil is past her due date and about as big as a barn, it appears her milk is coming in.  She has been in a rather foul mood all week, spiting at anyone who gets anywhere near her personal space, which has become very large even for alpaca standards.   Still the cria seem to find pleasure in running up behind her and ramming into her behind.  I think the object of this game is to avoid being spit on.   The cria are all green this morning, I think Lil has won this round.

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  1. Lil just had her baby! Do another blog mom!