Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So with all the other excitement going on here at the farm you’re probably all wondering how Hubert and Hobbles are getting along.   I am very happy to report that Hobbles no longer needs his legs tied to stand on his own,  and can even hop as fast as Hubert
  They have officially entered the ugly chickling stages where the cute little fluffy stuff is falling out and short little feathers are forming.  This leaves the look of a permanent bad hair day.     Since our last house chickens were tragically eaten at this stage by an intruder wearing a mask I am not sure how long this awkward stage will last
    Fat cat sleeps on top of their cage witch I thought was rather sweet but it seems to make them nervous.  Hobbles has been discussing his troubled childhood with a good listener, and Hubert is picking on him less now that he can walk better.   Its unbelievable how much these two tiny birds can eat!

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