Monday, July 16, 2012

I had some exciting news about Hubert and Hobbles, but unfortunately it did not last.  Sunday morning as I was rushing to get chores done, so I could take our youngest off to camp for the week, when I "herd" the tell tail chirps that Bucket Chicken’s eggs had hatched.  Bucket Chicken (not to be confused with Bucket of Chicken) got her name because she lays her eggs in a bucket hanging on the wall.  B.C. had 8 eggs and 6 of them had hatched.
 Now, the chicken here at Riverstone are free range,  mostly just working to keep the fly population at bay and keep the poo piles free of what ever might dwell there.  Some are friendlier than others, some are down right mean, and Bucket Chicken falls in the later category.  Mostly no one will go near her to check for her eggs, but today was not the day to be shy.  Chicks that hatch in the barn don’t have a very good survival rate.  Close to 0% in fact.  So we try to bring a few in (like Hubert and Hobbles) every now and again to get a few survivors.  Although, that’s story for another day,  the house has not proven to be much safer.
 I thought it might be nice to let Bucket Chicken raise her brood in the safety of the house so she was moved in with Hubert and Hobbles, with her 6 chicks.  First she was very nice and let Hubert and Hobbles move right in with her clan,  but by evening she had excommunicated them and sent them off to a corner cowering.  Well this will never due, Hubert and Hobbles were here first, so, you guessed it.  Bucket Chicken was put out.  Still good news for Hubert and Hobbles, they now have 6 siblings to cuddle and play with and the look very happy.  Safety in numbers; it’s so comforting!  Don't worry Bucket Chicken is back on fly controll.

 In other news, Rihanna had her cria Sunday while we were away checking in our camper. This tiny cria weighing, just 12 pounds, and slightly premature, was found in the poo pile, I guess I was not the only one a bit surprised.  Her little legs are not very straight and her ears don’t stand up on their own, but all things considered she is doing well and will spend her first few days in a small pen so she doesn’t loose her mama or spend too much energy following the herd.  By Monday evening she was jumping and playing in her pen so I gave her and mama a few hours in the pasture, but she will be locked in again for the night. 
A cria that small could be coyote, or even fox food.

   Namaste the grey cat had a chipmunk in the laundry room today, I hope he ate it and didn’t let it go.  Fat cat displayed an entirely new talent, he is an artist.  He hacked up dragon fly and made a perfect picture of a fish. Who knew?  

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